Being ISO 9001 – what does it mean?

Being ISO 9001 – what does it mean?

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is the international Standard against which the Quality Management System of a business is evaluated, and is intended to demonstrate that a business can provide a consistent standard of quality in the goods and services it provides to its customers.

We spent alot of time – and I mean ALOT (thank you Wendy!)! – ensuring our management systems were as rigorous as they could be, and so our customers could be assured they were working with an efficient and ethical company. We saw ISO9001 as a target to prove to ourselves and our clients that they could trust us with their projects, and know that out processes had been tried and tested.

We were thrilled to be awarded ISO 9001 status in 2009, and again, after an audit, in 2010.

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